We offer the best cocktail party venues in Melbourne. We have more than 10 years of experience in event planning. We are about celebrating life and bringing people together. We understand that an event is important to you and we select our venues so that you have the best party with us.

We give honest advice to our clients regarding venue selection so that they get the best value for their money. We have a comprehensive list of function centers that are best for any type and size of the cocktail party. You can get complete venues for hire. We have a venue directory that lets you search for venues based on their needed capacity. You can choose from bars, boats and cruisers, outdoor venues, open plan venues, hotels, restaurants, and unique venues that will suit your needs.

What We Offer

We have a collection of great cocktail party venues for you in Melbourne. Besides providing venues, we also have mobile cocktail bar hire service. This includes everything you need for hosting a cocktail party. We can provide you drinks, glassware, a mobile cocktail bar, equipment, cocktail bartenders, cleaning service, etc. We will provide everything to your party location. Our professional cocktail party catering is best for your event. Our cocktail bar hire package is very competitive. We give you transparency on how much the event is going to cost you. Our prices start from $30 per person. It includes:

• A selection of freshly made cocktails.
• Cocktail garnishes.
• Cocktail glassware.
• An experienced cocktail bartender.
• Delivery and clean up service.

We will help you in choosing your venue and other services for the party. All you need to tell us is the number of guests and the type of drinks you want at your party. Call us for more information today!

Why Cocktail Functions Are Becoming More Poupular

Cocktail parties are a great excuse to socialize, network, dress-up and sip some champagne. Finding the right cocktail wedding receptions to choose from for your cocktail party can be a major factor in determining its success.

In general, one must decide on a location that has the right ambiance or lighting. Additionally, depending on the weather, it may be crucial to find a location that has a closed or open space. Similarly, one may wish to find either a small space (if they have a small guest list) or a larger space (if the guest list is extensive).

Small spaces are usually more affordable to rent out and remain ideal for small parties. Having a large number of people in a small room may prove to be a disaster as it may get stuffy prompting guests to leave early due to discomfort.

Large spaces on the other hand may be hard to book, as they tend to be high in demand (therefore more costly).

During the warmer months (i.e. the spring and summer), an outdoor venue may be ideal, as it will allow the guests to move around freely and enjoy the warm summer breeze. Additionally, outdoor spaces may allow for creativity as far décor (think fairy lights strewn across the trees). Even so, outdoor locations may be problematic in that there might be a slight chill in the air and an abundance of bugs (especially in the summer).

Opting for a venue with a balcony may allow one to have the both of best worlds as guests who prefer to be outdoors may do so on the balcony whilst those who prefer to be indoors may enjoy the cocktail from inside.

All in all, Indoor venues should have ample air conditioning in the summer or central heating in the winter so as to increase the overall comfort of the guests.

Furthermore, lighting can be a huge determinant when it comes to setting the tone of a cocktail event. Bright, well-lit rooms may be create a more serious impression and may be perfect for professional networking events. On the other hand, a more dimly lit room may create the impression of a more relaxed atmosphere and may be more appropriate for social events.

Having a cocktail party in one’s home may prove to be more intimate and may be ideal for a group of guests who are unfamiliar with each other. A cocktail party thrown from the comfort of own’s home may also be more affordable as there is little need to pay rent for a venue. On the other hand, you may have to pay for extra help (e.g. caterers, bar tenders and servers) in order to keep the night running smoothly.

While renting out a ballroom or a cocktail room at a hotel, restaurant or bar may be pricey; there is always the added advantage of not having to clean up after the fact. Additionally, food, drink and catering staff will be included in the price for the function and the host may enjoy their evening without having to make sure that everything is running, as it should.

Clearly, there are a lot of factors to consider when throwing a cocktail party and it is important to take in the aforementioned factors in order to ensure that you are making the most out of the venue of your choice.

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